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Backup and Disaster Planning
A practical approach to protecting your organization is to assume that if something can go wrong, it probably will. Redundancy and readiness are paramount to preventing system failures.
OmniComp technicians understand this and will help you prepare.
In the event your hardware has already failed, OmniComp can help you recover.

No existing methodology or technology can prevent all breakdowns or breaches. OmniComp recommends that our customers take steps to safeguard their data. We work with our clients to develop appropriate backup strategies and business continuity plans. Whether disaster knocks in the form of a fire, flood, system crash, virus, or mere complacency, our expertise in Disaster Planning will help you identify an appropriate safety level for your company, at a price you can afford. We will ask the difficult questions, identify points of failure and implement strategies measure for measure.

Let's face it - You can't afford not to be prepared.

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