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Desktop Management
Desktop management is a comprehensive approach to managing, securing and supporting all computers within an organization.
Cost-effective IT support occurs when IT controls users' desktops.

Traditional desktop management areas include:
  • Installing and maintaining hardware and software
  • Administering user permissions
  • PC security, real time antivirus and threat protection
  • Group policy management
  • Software licensing and compliance
  • Monitoring and patch management
  • Document redirection and profile management
  • Implementing secure remote access to desktops.
Standardization through Desktop Management allows for the implementation of best practice IT services, mitigating threats to your applications and operating systems, minimizing support and maximizing user uptime for optimal productivity.

OmniComp will work with your existing staff to design and develop an appropriate Desktop Management Strategy using the right of blend of hardware and software to balance performance, productivity and cost.

End user support will be achieved through our help desk available 24x7.

Just send an email to and a friendly tech will respond to your request.
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