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Security is a basic human concept that has become more complex and therefore harder to define and enforce in the Information Age.

An important side of IT Security is controlling access to sensitive electronic information so only those with a legitimate need to access it are allowed to do so. One of it's biggest challenges is that of balancing the demands of users versus the need for data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

 In a time when mobility is the present and future of IT, allowing employees to access a network from a remote location, like their home or a project site, can increase the value of the network and efficiency of the employee. Unfortunately, remote access to a network also opens a number of vulnerabilities and creates difficult security challenges for a network administrator.

As companies make an effort to adapt to this new and mobile IT world, fundamental business operations increasingly rely on the Internet, leaving them exposed to the growing threats. Today's Internet-powered businesses need to continually address spam and viruses, which plague email worldwide, and spyware that attaches itself to user PCs even through innocent Web surfing.

From physical security; biometric time clocks, key fob swipes, and surveillance cameras to perimeter security including, firewall, content filtering, gateway antivirus, intrusion prevention and data loss prevention (DLP) OmniComp is prepared to help your organization mobilize against today's advanced threats.

Simple strategies including centralized threat management, network auditing and alerting don't have to be expensive to be effective.
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