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  • "The guys at OmniComp always answer the phone and respond to problems and requests immediately.

      I wonder if they ever sleep."

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Who we are...

OmniComp is a diverse computer services company. Our combined knowledge, skills, and background position us for unlimited potential.

OmniComp shares a unified enthusiasm, love for technology, and an overall desire to continue sharpening our skills, while simultaneously traversing the challenges our customers lay before us.

Omnicomp's continuing commitment to our customers and their trust in our abilities has earned us a shared sense of mutual respect.

Patience and humility enable us listen closely to emerging technology trends in the marketplace, to our teammates and to our customer requests for support.
Our Philosophy
As many computer companies continue to offer generic services while competing on price, OmniComp continues to differentiate itself by leveraging both new and existing computing technologies. We develop the most appropriate and cost effective solutions to meet our customer's dynamic business needs.

We believe in solutions that work. Solutions that can easily be supported and maintained. We believe in quick analysis, measured strategy and effective deployment.

We believe in responsiveness and turnaround. We use commercial off the shelf solutions where appropriate, yet we are capable of developing custom applications from the ground up.

We take the complex and unfamiliar making it simple and friendly for our users and decision makers.

Our History
OmniComp was founded by Gil Barzeski and Harvey Mindel almost ten years ago as a two person operation in a 600 sq ft, one room location.

When the boxes started falling out the front door, it was time to move on.

Today, OmniComp owns a 5,500 sq ft building in Willow Grove. We staff fourteen of the best people; maintain a competitive retail storefront, a responsive corporate back office, and a complete warehouse facility.

We are firmly entrenched in the dynamic computer services industry and continue to develop business strategies for the success of ourselves and our dedicated customers.

Our People
As you would expect, OmniComp technicians possess many certifications and technical skills.

Together our staff aggregates more than 100 years of combined computer experience. These skills represent only a small portion of OmniComp.

Humility, patience, enthusiasm, creativity, perseverance, resilience, accountability, and most of all - strong listening skills are critical to our overall success.

Both as a group and as individuals, we strive to exemplify the virtues described above in our every day work environment.

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